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Portfolio Payday™

Our service, Portfolio Payday™, is available to help you automate the amount of money you save and invest. Watch this short video to learn more:

Portfolio Payday™ works to redefine the way your cash flows, making it possible to build your savings for emergencies and retirement more quickly.

First, we define a total amount for your necessary expenditures, or how much money you will need each month to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Then, using the Portfolio Payday service, instead of your paychecks going into your bank account, they automatically go into your taxable investment account. That taxable investment account then sends the amount defined for your necessary expenditures (we call it a “Lifestyle Paycheck”) directly into your bank account. Retained in your taxable investment account is the difference between your paycheck and the Lifestyle Paycheck you use to cover your expenses.

Over time, that difference works first to build a predetermined cash buffer for everyday emergencies. (Research shows that only 17% of Americans making $100,000 per year are able to cover a $400 emergency!) Once your account reaches that buffer amount, then it effectively functions as a retirement account, investing toward your future.

Here is a quick, hypothetical example of how Portfolio Payday might work for illustrative purposes:

Our hypothetical married couple has a net income of $17,000 per month with a required Lifestyle Paycheck of $14,000 per month needed for expenditures and a comfortable lifestyle. They are in their early 40s and are set to retire at 65 years old. They have defined their emergency fund buffer amount as equal to three months’ worth of expenses, meaning that with Portfolio Payday™, we would first work to build the couple’s cash buffer to $42,000.

Hypothetically, Portfolio Payday™ would then function as follows:

Step 1: Once they exceed $42,000 in the cash buffer, additional amounts are invested into long-term investments.

Step 2: The Lifestyle Paychecks are sent from the cash buffer, and new deposits replenish the cash each time. (We do this to avoid selling long-term investments every month. If an emergency comes up, we have the cash available to send to their bank within two business days.)

Step 3: If a short-term goal comes up, like a vacation in a year’s timeframe, we can send additional money to their bank savings account so that when their trip occurs, they have the cash in the bank to pay for their whole vacation. (If they spend a little more, we have them covered with the cash buffer.)

Step 4: In this hypothetical scenario, our married couple went from saving $500 per month to now saving $3,000 per month! (Remember, they are in their early 40s and are set to retire at 65 years old.) By leveraging Portfolio Payday, assuming they continue to save $3,000 per month for 25 years and earn 6% on average on their investments, they could have an additional $2.09 million saved toward retirement!

Step 5: What if, due to inflation or a new car, our couple needs to increase their monthly Lifestyle Paycheck to $14,500, thus retaining and saving only $2,500 instead of $3,000 per month? With all other factors staying the same, they would still have an additional $1.74 million saved—additional meaning in addition to their other accounts, like their 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs or other type of retirement plans or investments.

The goal of Portfolio Payday™ is to get you to a more robust retirement sooner, giving you the chance to achieve your retirement goals at the earliest age possible. With Portfolio Payday, you are your own boss, paying yourself today and in the future.

To schedule a meeting to discuss your cash flow and see how Portfolio Payday can help you, set up a consultation now!


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Portfolio Payday™

Redefine the way your cash flows, making it possible to build your savings for emergencies and retirement more quickly.

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