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Creating a Clearer,

Better Community

At PCIA Charleston we believe in creating a clear vision for the future and for those we care about. We know that change starts small, with a ground level action from someone who cares about setting progress in motion to create something greater than one person or one entity. That’s why we created Clear Picture Cares, our own initiative to inspire and provoke action to build a better world for ourselves and those who will follow us.

ABC News 4 is our proud partner in our Clear Picture Cares initiative, helping us spread the word about local organizations looking to better our communities. Each month, they will feature a new interview with the leader of a charity or nonprofit we believe in, helping us connect kind and generous hearts and minds.

Hearts are strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.

— Ralph J. Bunche

About Clear Picture Cares

Clear Picture Cares is our plan to extend a helping hand to both our clients looking for an outlet for their charitable and philanthropic ideals as well as local leaders who have put the community on their shoulders and offered firsthand assistance. What we’ve found is that so many want to offer that assistance, but they just don’t know how. Now, in addition to our support, we want to connect people and organizations who share a vision of a better future.

Clear Picture Cares Podcast

The Clear Picture Cares Podcast is one of our favorite ways to give back. Our mission is to give a voice to those who need theirs amplified, and in our podcast, we sit down with the leaders of local organizations to discuss their outreach efforts and how they connect and interact with their community members. Follow along as Clear Picture continues to speak with innovators and idealists in the Charleston area!

Interviews with

Local Leaders

Each month, we sit down with a thought leader in our community and shine a light on their organization, what they do and how they look to improve the standing of their peers. We aim to unpack their visions for a better tomorrow and give our clients and visitors an inside idea of their philosophies, all while hopefully opening the door for interest, connections, viewpoints and, most importantly, action that can change the world.

In this Clear Picture Cares interview, Jason Noble speaks with Paul Stoney of the YMCA of Greater Charleston.

In this Clear Picture Cares interview, Jason Noble chats with Melyssa Jaskiewicz and Ashley Terrell of Leveling the Fields.

In this Clear Picture Cares interview, Jason Noble chats with Sara Wallace of Lowcountry Orphan Relief.

In this Clear Picture Cares interview, Jason Noble chats with Katie Stagliano of Katie's Krops

Clear Picture Cares Interviews Eliot Middleton of Middleton's Village to Village Foundation

Clear Picture Cares Interviews Matthew Tannehill of OneRise Health Campus

Clear Picture Cares Jason Noble Interviews Erin Ulmer of Camp Rise Above

Clear Picture Cares Andy Merchant Interviews Blake Benton of Coming Together for a Cure

Clear Picture Cares Jason Noble Interviews Captain Mike Michels of The Salvation Army

Clear Picture Cares Andy Merchant Interviews the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas

Clear Picture Cares Jason Noble Interviews Jed Dews from HALOS

Clear Picture Cares Interviews Lynette V Duggins from Teacher's Supply Closet

Clear Picture Cares Interviews Waves 4 Women

Clear Picture Cares Interviews Kristie Radford of Gift of Adoption

Clear Picture Cares Interviews RJ Swist of RJ's Mission

Clear Picture Cares Interviews Maria Kelly of AMOR Healing Kitchen

Clear Picture Cares Interview with Brenda Shaw of Lowcountry Food Bank

For More Information on Community Options:

Attend an Event

As another part of our mission, we sponsor local events held by influential charities and nonprofits throughout the year as they try to raise money and goods for those most in need. We love connecting with residents and leaders of our beautiful state and its cities, and we always look forward to the opportunity to help an organization achieve its objectives. You can visit our Events page to see all of our upcoming events and join us as we work together to make Charleston a better place for everyone.

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