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Retirement Planning

While retirement planning often requires a risk-first investing approach to help safeguard your portfolio from market fluctuations, there are a number of other significant factors to consider. The goal is to be completely comprehensive, from helping you choose the right Medicare plan to claiming Social Security benefits in the optimum manner for you.

Retirement income planning, health care and long-term care planning, estate and wealth transfer planning and tax planning all come into play at this critical stage of life. Did you know that Social Security benefits can be taxed based on your provisional income? We will analyze that together.

It’s important to start retirement planning 5 – 10 years in advance so we can consider the potential advantage of converting taxable accounts (like traditional 401(k)s) into tax-advantaged accounts (like Roth accounts), and plan ahead for annual RMDs (required minimum distributions) which start at age 72.

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